Ceramic Challenge

Best AI-powered application or developer tool built using ComposeDB on Ceramic as a decentralized data storage.


  • 🥇1st place - $1500
  • 🥈2nd place - $1000
  • 🥉3rd place - $500


We would like to challenge developers to build innovative AI-powered applications while utilising ComposeDB on Ceramic as a decentralized data storage layer. Your application should run on Ceramic Clay Testnet and use at least one new or existing data model.


  • Tools and applications that make AI experience more collaborative (e.g. collaborative prompting, collaborative AI model tuning, etc)
  • Tools and applications that make DAOs better with AI (e.g. better ways to make governance decisions, increase collaboration with between DAO members and increase the efficiency of the organization)
  • Tools and applications that improve the data accessibility for training AI models while maintaining user’s ownership of their data
  • Surprise us! We would love to see your innovative ideas!

Judging Criteria

  • Your applications/tools use ComposeDB on Ceramic. Submitting the .graphql and .json composite definition of the models is mandatory.
  • Completeness - how well thought out and implemented the solution is.
  • Impact on the web3 ecosystem and the decentralization of AI.
  • Bonus Points:
    • Your applications/tools has data models with relations defined between them.
    • Your applications/tools integrate the technology of another sponsoring partner (e.g. Ocean Protocol, Nevermined, Algovera.ai etc.)

Useful Resources