Paris, France

Augment - A decentralized AI hackathon in Paris

Join a curated group of developers, researchers and mentors exploring decentralized AI.

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Station F in Paris, France

We believe...

  • AI will benefit from being open rather than highly monopolized
  • AI will boom and flourish if it distributes value in a fair way
  • Web3, open source and other distributed technologies will be critical enablers for this

We invite you to join us...

  • To build solutions that can increase the decentralization of AI
  • To explore the opportunities (and the pitfalls)
  • To go beyond any AI or crypto hype


We're offering $30,000 in bounties to help you build the future of decentralized AI. Here's a sampling:

Ceramic Challenge

$3000 USD

Best AI-powered application or developer tool using ComposeDB on ceramic as a decentralized data storage

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NEAR Bounties

$3000 USD

1. Best AI-powered integration with NEAR’s Blockchain OS that leverages LLMs to create custom interfaces. 2. Leverage NEAR Social / Blockchain Operating System to notarize authenticity.

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Flashbots Prize and FRP Grant

$15000 USD research grant

A research grant in the realm of cooperative AI and the exploration of how algorithmic agents could coordinate with each other using blockchains.

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WebGPU ZK Proving

$1500 USD

Write libraries or code for efficient client-side ZK proving using WebGPU

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Gensyn Challenge

$2500 USD

Support a training pipeline via onnx-mlir

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Gnosis Chain Challenge

$1500 USD

Take advantage of Gnosis Chain’s low network fees, and demonstrate the power of AI & crypto. Distributed labeling, training, model marketplaces, anything is possible.

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Tokengating, wallets, and social

$3000 USD

Leverage Ocean Protocol and existing crypto solutions to create new functionalities and applications within the Ocean Protocol ecosystem

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Best use of Orbis SDK

$3000 USD

Leverage Orbis SDK features such as encryption, communication (chat, private messages) or identity layer to explore new opportunities (for example for consumers to interact with LLMs or autonomous agents)

Stability AI Challenge

$500 Stability Credits

Best Use of the Stability API

Split Learning

$1500 USD

Use Weavechain to leverage private data sets for training using Split Learning (like Federated Learning)


$1500 USD

Use LLMs to automate the specification of invariants for fuzz testing during a smart contract security audit

Best use of Lilypad or Bacalhau for decentralized compute

$3000 USD

Best use of Lilypad or Bacalhau for decentralised AI, ML or other compute jobs.

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Keyko Challenge

$1500 USD

Big Bounty: The Artist - Gen Art Factory w/ Smart Subscriptions. Small Bounty: Hackathon AI Kingpin!

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Tracks and Topics

These are some themes and problem statements we’d like to build for…

Notarizing Authenticity

In a world of generative AI, how can we use identity and other crypto primitives to know what's real?

Personalization with Privacy

As we connect LLMs to other apps such as email, privacy becomes more of an issue. How can we use in-context and federated learning with local data, models and apps?

Governance & Alignment

AI models have the potential for harm and bias. How can we take part in self-governance of AI assets? How do we enable stakeholders to self-govern, and find alignment towards the common good?

Value Capture

How can those who contribute data or code to AI platforms share in the value those platforms generate? How can users own, control, and monetize their assets? How can AI own, control, and monetize assets? Will AIs have bank accounts? If not, how will they be able to transact, at speed and at low cost?

Democratizing Access to Compute & Training

Compute is a significant expense for AI builders and start-ups. How can we improve fine-tuning of AI models on limited resources (e.g. using LoRA)? How can we run training and inference of very large models on decentralized compute protocols, which have the potential to disrupt large cloud providers?


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Event Schedule

Subject to slight tweaks, here’s the plan. Stay up to date in our Telegram group.

Day 1

Day 2

  1. Registration

    Bring an ID that matches the name you registered with

    - CEST

  2. Welcome presentation

    Hear about the mission and tools of the event

    - CEST

  3. Team formation

    Don't have a team? Find one here

    - CEST

  4. Project Creation Deadline + Hack begins

    Teams to be submitted on Devpost

    - CEST

  5. Lunch


    - CEST

  6. Ceramic presentation

    Come learn about Ceramic

    - CEST

  7. NEAR presentation

    Come learn about NEAR

    - CEST

  8. Flashbots presentation

    Sxysun will give us an intro to credible commitments

    - CEST

  9. Dinner


    - CEST

  10. Fireside chat

    Hear from experts in the space

    - CEST

  11. Overnight hack

    Where the magic happens

    - CEST

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Augment is organized by a group of sector-leading companies and projects