Flashbots Prize and FRP Grant

The winner of the Flashbots prize will be eligible for a $15000 FRP grant. We're particularly interested in the realm of cooperative AI and the exploration of how algorithmic agents could coordinate with each other using blockchains.

Example Scenario

Consider a traditional RL agent. We know RL agents can coordinate with each other via outcome-contingent contracts. What if they used smart contracts? What sort of cooperative behavior would emerge? Would they opt not to use the contracts if the blockchain isn't MEV-proof? For instance, a MARL system could be implemented in Minecraft or any grid-world game, augmenting the game by giving the agents the ability to use smart contracts.

Project Ideas

  • Cooperation between fine-tuned generative models: Can we implement a decentralized system where different fine-tuned models coordinate with each other using smart contracts to fulfill a user's general prompt?
  • Decentralized auto-bidders: Can we design a decentralized auto bidder that helps small advertisers gain bargaining power? Could crypto be used to prove the convergence (safety) of such an autobidder algorithm?
  • User intent expression in natural language: Could we fine-tune an LLM to interface with human language and translate it into a smart contract/transaction? Or tap into a recommender system that learns the user's preferences and expresses them as on-chain data?
  • Negotiation: Could we combine a personal assistant AI with a recommender system by making them both "commit," or sign smart contracts, when they interact? This would encourage the development of "personal delegation AI" that acts in the user's own interest.
  • Drone collision and robotics: Could we implement a decentralized control system using smart contracts to facilitate cooperative behavior among robots, such as in an Amazon warehouse?

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